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Thanks for visiting!  If you are visiting my site it means you probably either ran into me at a festival, or perhaps read one of my blog posts somewhere.  I'm currently blogging at and at  The Patheos stuff is generally for a Pagan audience, the Ipinion thing is kind of interesting because it's writing about Paganism for non-Pagans.  (Don't worry I'm not going to call you a muggle or anything.)  I also post more personal things at  I can't promise that the thoughts are deep over there, but I had to call it something!   However you got here, thanks for visiting!

I do have an e-book out if you really enjoy reading my ramblings.  That book is called The Horned God and is available on Itunes and Barnes & Noble dot com.  It should be on Amazon pretty soon too.  My Horned God book is about, well, the Horned God; it's a history of horned deities, with extensive looks at gods like Pan, Dionysus, Shiva, Kokopelli, and Cernunnos.  It's all written in my usual, breezy, sarcastic style too.

For those wondering, I still get around to various Pagan Festivals.  This summer I'll be on the road for a little over a month.  Check out the "On the Road" link for my summer schedule.   

 Break on through!